A BIG Thank you to everyone who has linked to online-stopwatch!

Thank you for visiting online-stopwatch.com. Here is our little news / blog of the site :-)

Hopefully, you found what you wanted on the very first page, a nice easy to use online stopwatch, or countdown timer.

We hope that's what you were looking for, because that's all this site really has. Sure you can now get the
stopwatch / countdown as a "Gadget" for Google, live, and vista, but really, it's still just one thing.

We've been watching how this site is spreading around the internet... and it’s great to see just who is using this site…
We have links from schools, links from blogs, and recently, backlinks where people have added the gadget to their homepages…

If you do find this site useful, tell your friends! Give us a link; it will help us so much get to the top of the search engines. :- )

Thanks to everyone for using, and thanks for all the links.

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Online Stopwatch



From Us All: (6/12/14):

From everyone at Online-Stopwatch.com - We'd like to say "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" and have a Great New Year! :-)

We'd also like to say that for news, updates, or if you'd just like to say helloooo - please take a look at our Facebook page:


We also have a Twitter page. These are both looked after by our lovely developer Abbie.

HTML5 Bomb Countdown - Site Maintenance: (13/11/13):

We are working our way though our old timers - and turning them into HTML5 versions that work on iphones/ipads and other tablets and smart phones!

Toay we added the Bomb Timer in it's new HTML5 format. Yay :-)

We know it's not really as good as the one on the main site - but we will get there - and as soon as possible we will have the regular timers working on all phones/tablets :-)

Site Maintenance:

Online-Stopwatch.com will be unavailable on the 17th November - from 10:00AM to 11:00AM GMT (5:00AM to 6:00 AM EST). If you need one of our timers during this time - make sure you DOWNLOAD the one you want - and it will still work fine during the maintenance.

Thanks again everyone for using and supporting the site! :-)

New Server - All Done!: (08/09/13):

We have now fully moved all of online-stopwatch.com and online-calculator.com – over to our NEW super-fast server!

The new server should be great! It's got more memory, faster processors – and it's fully managed – letting us focus on adding new features, and not on keeping the server up-to-date.

Anyway – Although everything is working again now – including our email – if you do see ANY problems – please, please let us know! Thankyou! :-)

Oh – and it's my birthday today! Yay! Wait to you see my cake photo tomorrow! LOL…

Site Outage - anddd... We're back!!: (07/09/13):

Well – we are back! We've had to change servers. AGAIN! We are not 100% up-and-running again yet though – our EMAIL IS NOT WORKING. This should be back within 24hours – and right now – online-calculator.com seems to be hit and miss.

I'll update again when everything is sweeeet.

Thanks for using the site!

Contact Us Page Back Again!!: (15/08/13):

We are so sorry to everyone who has been trying to contact us just lately – We accidently replaced the "Contact Us" page with our "Downloads Page" – and because of the cache system – It looked ok to us – thanks to Cam Krout for letting us know about the problem! :-)

Server Problem - Fixed (AGAIN!!!)!: (05/08/13):

We've had a problem over the weekend - from possibly Thursday 1st August to Sunday 4th.

The problem stopped the custom timers from working - this problem has now been fixed and everything is working great again. Yay!

If you ever do spot something not working on the site - please just email us - or leave a comment on our facebook page. Cheers!

Server Problem - Fixed!: (31/07/13):

Just want to say THANKYOU to Nick L – the Linux Systems Administrator at Hostgator for helping get Online Stopwatch running fast again :-)

We had a bit of a problem over the last day or so – with the site slowing down, but Nick took the time to make some changes to our server – hopefully making the site run better then ever!

Thanks Nick!

Hello Again: (19/06/13):

Since starting our own Facebook page – this little blog has been looking very out-dated :-(

It’s not that no work has been done on online-stopwatch.com – far from it! It’s just been much easier to share our latest news on Facebook.

Saying that – We are still here – and we are still busy!

Right now – the main task is trying to convert all our current times – into “HTML5” versions – which work on iPhones, ipads, and other devices. This means – if the computer you are using doesn’t have the Flash plugin installed – you’ll still be able to use our timers. Yay.

To be honest – I LOVE Flash – maybe not for website designs, and menus, but for our timers – they are great! Small files, easy to let users download them, and work perfect full screen, and the big plus for me is – it’s very easy to make a new timer – if a user requests a timer – with Flash, one of us could have it made and on the site in a day or two. HTML5 is whole new ballgame. There’s no easy way to make the timers – it’s back to the old days of writing in code, and that means lots of work – writing the code, testing the code, re-writing the code, etc, etc.

But anyway – I could write 10 pages on why I’m not a fan of html5 – but instead – I’ll tell you that we are working as hard as we can, to get the current times converted to this new format – before we add any new timers to the site.

In other news – we had a mouse in the online-stopwatch headquarters today!!! I’ve got a humane “Tip Trap” to catch little micky – and take him to a new home.


Reverse Cash Clock / Update: (20/08/12):

(I think we are going to have to make some changes to this page -- it's starting to get too long now --I'll add it to the "to do" list.)

We've added a new timer today - the Reverse Cash Clock - this was a suggestion by Garrett McAlister, and we've got to say -- we love the idea :-)

I've got this idea about an auction - where they start the price at $100 - and then they start the reverse cash clock - and every 10 seconds, the price reduces by $1. It would be great to see if the crowd would dare to let the price drop really low -- or someone would pay a bit more to make sure they won it. :-)

Also -- we have updated the original Cash Clock. It now includes the new "Full Screen" button - and let's you label the timer, and change the cost to "per hour/min/second".

Thanks! :-)

Good Luck Babbo: (16/08/12):


Those of you who read our Facebook page will have seen the cool "Online Stopwatch" cupcakes that Babbo made for us. They were yummy. Anyway, Babbo now has her own Cupcake Blog. You can take a look if you are into cakes. Thanks babbo! - Good luck with your new site -- Now how about some more cupcakes? ;-)

Howdy!: (13/08/12):

Over 4 months since something was posted on this blog :-(

We have been busy though – so here is a roundup of what's been happening...

We have a Facebook account – facebook.com/onlinestopwatch/

We also have a twitter and Google+ Account. Trying to be a bit more "Social" but unfortunately – not finding time to write anytime. How... Anti-Social!!! This will be improving soon though– and we will try to keep people up to date more with what's new.

We are experimenting with a couple of high-contrast versions of our timers – for the visually impaired. Try one here: High Contrast Timer

The main thing we are working on right now – is getting the site working better on your smart-phones. We have just released our first html5 timer – if you visit the on your iphone, ipad, or browser without flash – you will still be able to use our original stopwatch/countdown. You can try it here: HTML5 Timer. More html5 timers will be added soon :-)

We are also looking into getting an iOS and Android app version made, with a few more features.

A new "Reverse Cash Clock" will be added to the site before Friday – it works like the ordinary cash clock – but you start with a high amount – such as $100 – and the money is reduced every second/minute/hour. It should be good.

Anyway – Cheers! :-)

Admin: (18/04/12):

We are just updating out mx records today - the site will still be working fine - but emails may not work right :-(
I will update this post when it is safe to email us again! Thanks!


Ok - emails are back up and running again now. We do have to transfer all the old mail to the new google mail account - but someone will start replying to the backlog again today. Thanks for your patients! :-)

Update: (23/03/12):


Just wanted to let everyone know that we have release a new timer today – the Pomodoro Timer!

If you use this timer right – and follow the Pomodoro Technique created by Francesco Cirillo – you WILL be able to improve your time management – and get the most out of your time.

We have also added the swimming and running timer to the downloads page.

Productive day! The Pomodoro timer is helping already! :-)

Update: (20/03/12):

Each time a new post is added to the news section - I am surprised at how long it has been since the last update.Someone really needs to make a few posts once a week – just to let you guys know what is going on in stopwatch land. :-)

Today – we have just added our new timer – a Swimming Timer – to go with a Running Timer released a few weeks ago.

It's the same idea – the little guys compete to win until the time runs out! We will be adding more soon – as we've had a lot of requests and ideas since the running timer. We may need to hire some freelancer artists though – as no matter how much I've tried – I cannot draw horses! ;-)

Until the next update!


Update: (11/03/12):

Has it been 12 days since the last update already?! How time flies! ;-)

Anyway... We just wanted to show you our latest timer - the new Down then Up Timer!
This timer lets you set a countdown - and once it reaches zero - it will turn into a stopwatch, and start counting back up.
(It works great with our custom stopwatch page - so you can save a link in your favorites to always make it start at 15mins for example.)

Also -- We have been working hard to improve the Running Timer, which some of you have reported was running a bit slow on older computers. This problem should now be fixed! :-)

TTFN :-)

Update: (28/02/12):

Hi all! Just wanted to let you see the new Running Timer!

This is a countdown timer – AND a real race! :-)

Each runner is trying to win – and the winner is first over the line when the countdown reaches zero.

I'm sure some of you will find a use for this timer – thanks for reading!

It can be found under our Classroom Timers section.

Update: (24/02/12):

Well... It's been a long wait – and as always – behind schedule, but never mind! :-)

You can now download our Interval Timer! Check our download page.

This is a completely different timer to the one that is on our site - all the sounds are included, and it saves custom timers onto your computer (instead of onto our sites database).

This is still a new timer – so if you see any bugs – please let us know. Many thanks!

Update: (28/02/12):

Since the last update – we have been working hard to make a new interval timer. We've tried to keep it looking like the original – but have made some improvements, and hopefully everyone will find it more stable – and much easier to use.

We are VERY sorry to everyone who got caught in the transfer from old to new – there looks like over 5000 people lost their custom interval timers in the 30mins it took to change :-(

The new timer should now be running great – and a downloadable version will be added before the weekend (Yay! How many people have been waiting for this! Sorry for the wait!)

If you do notice any problems while using the interval timer – please just let us know! And it will be fixed ASAP.

Thanks for using online stopwatch!

Update: (22/02/12):

Everything always takes a little longer than you think it will. Today was supposed to be a quick job - to fix the Online Alarm Clock. Make it a bit easier to see what you have set. This has ended up taking all day!! :-(

The idea was to add the new Alarm Clock we have made to the site today - but it looks like this will be added on monday now, so until then...


Update: (26/01/12):

Been really busy the last two days - trying to get the NEW clocks section finished before the weekend!
We have always wanted to add more clocks to the site - as we have received LOADS of great ideas, but never really had space to put them onto the site. This new section will give the new clocks a place to live.

With the new section - comes two new clocks - first is our Speaking Clock or Talking Clock. The other? It's another Talking Clock! But this one is the classic wall clock Talking Analog Clock. :-)

We will have a few more clocks added by next week.

Thanks for reading!

Update: (24/01/12):

Just added a new timer today - the new Loop Countdown or Repeat Timer (whichever you want to talk call it :-)
This timer is very simple - you set it just like any of our other countdown timers - then you select how many times you want it to loop. You can make it wait between each loop - so you have to press "continue" each time. Or just let it run.
Hope someone finds it useful!

Many thanks - Aaron.

Update: (23/01/12):

2 new timers - and one new feature! We have added a c4 timer in the classroom timers section, and a new grandfather clock! More timers are being added soon. Most of our countdown timers will now also show the time in the tab bar of your browser window. This has been requested a lot - so we thought we'd add it. It should be useful when you are browsing other sites - and need to keep check on the countdown.

Time In Bar

Update: (22/01/12):

Just to let you all know - we have changed our email system to use Google Mail -- so no more email getting lost. We also have someone who deals with the emails - so you should get a reply much quicker than before! Sorry to everyone who had to wait! Please Please Please try again if you emailed us and never got a reply, try again -- you WILL get a reply this time!

Cheers - Aaron.

Update: (30/07/11):

With the schools closed for summer - and the end of July being our quietest time - We have have decided today will be a good day to update our website. ;-)

The new design looks cleaner - and makes it easier to use social bookmarks - There are also a lot of "behind the scenes" changes that let us add the new features people have been requesting.

PLEASE let us know if something is not working right for you.

Many thanks - Aaron.

News (09/05/11):

Moving Servers... Sorry! - Server moved. Sorry for the slow speeds - everything should be working great again now.

News (16/10/10):

We have just updated our iGoogle Stopwatch Gadget. The new gadget has a few features people have asked for - and it uses our new stopwatch and countdown file. If you use iGoogle and like online-stopwatch.com - check it out :-)

News (17/08/10):

You may have noticed we have just released our new Interval Timer. If used correctly - this could do a LOT of the requests people want, such as a timer every 20secs, then a long timer at the end, etc. We will make a video soon - as it can be a bit hard to use to start with.

News (28/05/10):

Today we have added two new timers - Chess Clock and Chess Timer. The Chess Clock counts down, from what ever time the user sets, and the Chess Timer counts up. These will probably merge into one timer eventually (Like the Stopwatch/Countdown Timer). If you play chess or any other games that need a two person timer you should give it a look.

In Other News...

Anyone who reads our blog/news section, which a lot of people do... (thankyou!). We wanted you to see the "New" default Online Stopwatch Timer. If we hear back people like it - it will replace the current design soon. The new design is a complete rewrite of the old one. Making it hopefully faster - and adding a few features, such as using the keyboard (Space Bar) to start/stop the timer - and keys to set the countdown.

Current Stopwatch: https://www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-stopwatch/

New Design Stopwatch: Coming soon...

Your feedback on this would be really appreciated.

Thanks for reading :-)

News (11/11/09):

We added some new features today. They have been requested a few times so here they are...

Online Clock - Just an Online Clock. We've given it a "School Clock" look. Use it full screen like the rest of our timers ;-) You can also use Numbers or Roman Numerals.

Online Alarm Clock - This is EXACTLY the same as our new online clock - except it has an alarm. Drag the green arrow to where you want the alarm to go off - It can either be set for the Minute hand, or the Hour hand. Give it a try.

Online Digital Clock - An Online Digital Clock. You can change the color (colour), and change it from 12 hours or a 24 hour clock.

So -- There you go :-) Try them. Let us know what you think. Any more features you want?

On another note... Our menu is getting very LONG now, and on smaller monitors it's hard to see all the options, so it looks like the site could need a redesign soon.

Thanks all!

News (18/09/09):

Bit of an update to the "reasons to email us" page - we get lots of emails from people asking if they can use online-stopwatch for "this", or online-stopwatch for "that". The answer is always YES :-)

It's worth a read before emailing us - it could save you some time. DO YOU NEED TO EMAIL US

News (31/05/09):

Hi Everybody!

Today we have release a very basic (VERY BASIC!) "Custom Countdown" page -- right now, this only lets you change the sound and the ring length of the countdowns. This is the most requested feature -- so we might aswell let you have it before working on anything else. :-)

It could be a bit buggy - and it creates horrible long URLS - but that will all change. Eventually each countdown that you make, will be saved into a database, and assigned a nice short-code. So your custom countdown links will be like www.online-stopwatch.com/?s=2345 (instead of the way they are now).

The current sounds do not really loop that well. We will work on this too, as we add more and more sounds.

We also want to make it so you can choose from 100's of designs to add a countdown to your websites, facebook etc -- countdowns to certain dates, like birthdays, xmas, etc, etc. So there you go :-)

Thanks for using online-stopwatch! If you have any ideas for the new create your own countdown, please email us.



News (02/02/09):

Here is a feature a LOT of people have been requesting... Setting the countdown timer from the URL.

So now, if say you want your class to use the countdown for 5mins, or you want to quick link to just a timer for 10mins use the link style below…


www.online-stopwatch.com/?countdown=00:10:00 (To use the countdown on the home page)
www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-stopwatch/?countdown=01:05:10 (To use the Full Screen Countdown)

You will be able to use all countdowns on Online-Stopwatch.com with the same URL setting soon. (Bomb, Clock, etc)

Update: You can now use the ?countdown=00:00:00 with all our countdowns except the other languages now. cool!

News (31/01/09):

Quick update: Online-Stopwatch is now available in other languages. We have 6 languages at present, but will be adding more in the future. If online-stopwatch would be more helpful for you in another language, please email us, and (if you are willing to help) will translate the stopwatch for you. :-)

News (14/11/08):

Happy Halloween!!

Sorry it's a bit late... OK, VERY late. But we've been a bit busy.

Since adding the bomb timer, and the egg timer, and all the other new timers we have been getting 100's of emails from you guys with some amazing ideas!

If you have emailed us and you have not had a reply you will! Soon. We have read all your emails, and it’s just now finding someone with the time to reply.

Apart from the cool emails just saying thanks online-stopwatch (You’re welcome! Glad you like it :-) 
Almost 70% of the emails are requests for new features.

 A lot of the features you want seem to be very unique to you, and it wouldn’t be possible to make each person their own individual stopwatch / countdown timer... SO... we are making a stopwatch / countdown timer where you can make your own! Make it count down, and then make it count back up. Change the sound, change the color, make it beep every few minutes – we will try and make it cover everyone’s requests – then you can have a play and make your own perfect stopwatch / countdown.

So, now you know what we will be working on from today.

What else has been going on? You may now notice a link to Online Calculator. A free easy to use, full screen calculator.  Give it a try. Ideas suggestions please use the online stopwatch email.

We have also linked to a friend’s education blog, Electric Chalk. We know a lot of people who use online stopwatch are teachers / educators, so thought you might like to read a blog from someone “in the biz”.

Online Stopwatch reached a new record this week, attracting an amazing 70,000 users in one day!!! Wow. Thanks to everyone who uses the sites, and tells their friends!!!

By the next update, we will have that new build-your-own-stopwatch to play with ---- and any updates people want for the bomb, egg timer countdowns.


News (12/09/08):

Hi again all!!

After a long break from working on Online Stopwatch – we have come back to work on some of the great ideas we have received from the emails you’ve been sending.

If you have not had a reply from us, we are very sorry!!! There is quite a back-log, but we are working through them.

If you’ve ever read the news section of Online-Stopwatch.com before, or have scrolled to the bottom of this page - you will know that this site started out as a simple way of letting one person time his PowerPoint presentations… Today over 30,000 people use the site EVERY DAY.

We are always trying to think of new tools/timers for our users, and always welcome emails with ideas and suggestions.

Thanks to everyone who has linked to us, and emailed us with an idea. Thanks also to you 30,000 guys who use the site each day :-)

Take care.

News (16/03/08):

Hi everyone

We’ve added a few new countdowns today – just a few new designs. There’re “not perfect” visually. We’ll change them soon; make them look more clean, shiny and new. Feel free to use them. The timers in them work fine.

We’ve also added a split/lap version of the standard stopwatch. This is requested quite often, so we thought we’d add it.

Thanks for all the emails again! They help us keep making the site better – and giving you what you want for free ;-)

p.s, does anyone else think the website is starting to look cluttered? The extra row of buttons make it too big for your screen? Do you think we need a new design? A forum? Some help guides? What you think?

Cheers all!

News (03/02/08):

Sorry for such a long wait for a news update. First, hope everyone had a great new year -- i know it seems a long time ago. :-)

We've had some great emails the past few weeks - we will get back to everyone. Thanks for taking the time to email us.

We've made a few changes to the stopwatch itself, and split the online countdown out, to make it even easier if thats all you are looking for.

Thanks to everyone who reported the bugs that appeared over the weekend -- we did an updated, and everything is all good now.

Someone will do a better update soon :)


News (13/12/07):

We would just like to wish all of our visitors Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!!!

Take care.

News (16/10/07):

Hi Everyone!

I've noticed that most of the news we've been posting has been about STATS! Let's have a look at some of the emails we've been getting.

First, thanks to everyone who has emailed us! It's great that you've spent the time doing it.

Most of the emails are feature requests…

Lap/split feature for the stopwatch. – This is going to be on a separate "Advanced page"
MySpace Gadget – I cannot believe we didn't think about this! Some sound at the end of the countdown – Done!
Hundreds of a second 00:00:00:000 – Done!
Cell Phone / Mobile Phone Version – Great idea, and we're going to try and do it.
Command Line Parameter – Too advanced? No, it's something we want to add.
Multiple Alarms – I like the idea, but the others say no :-(
Volume Control – same as above :-(
Skins – Maybe add this to the personal versions you can add to your igoogle/myspace/etc

The thing most people really like about online-stopwatch.com – the fact it can be used Full screen.
The most common problem – the Google Gadget and the Vista Gadget!

So what are we doing right now? – We really want to get the new features added soon, most shouldn't take too long. But right now, we're trying to save money up to get someone to make us a better Google Gadget, and a better Vista Gadget. We'll keep you updated.

Thanks for reading this news by the way :-)

All the best.

News (11/10/07):

Can you believe it! Today, online-stopwatch.com got 10,028 page views!! WOW!! (6,736 unique visitors)

Thanks to everyone using the site.

Many Thanks .

News (18/09/07):

Today we got 5,031 Unique Visitors!! That's 7,416 Hits. Well Done guys! Everyone is really helping to get the site popular!

We don't think the site can get much bigger then it is now. Really, how many people need an online stopwatch each day? (It seems a lot, but there must be a limit?)

Online Stopwatch also got an Alexa Rank this week. "Basically" the rank tells you how popular a site is. So, Online-stopwatch.com is the 356,79543th most visited website on the internet. :-)

I'm sure we'll win back our No.1 Google spot eventually…

Thanks again to everyone who's linked to us, used the site, bookmarked, and told their friends :-)


News (14/09/07):

We're just testing a new version of the online stopwatch – its stopwatch timer.
Basically, it's the same as the old stopwatch, but this one will remember your time, even if you close the browser window. So you can start a stopwatch or a countdown, close the window, come back and it will still work.

It's still being tested at the moment, if you want to give it a go, (and if you find any bugs), let us know what you think.

It is replacing the Google stopwatch gadget very soon, as they often leave their homepage, and need the clock to remember what it was before they left.

Also, there has been a bit of a change around on the index. The main page no longer links to Full Screen Stopwatch – Although the page will still exist, so you're Backlinks and your favourites will continue to work. The homepage now links to Large Stopwatch. (More people look for a "large stopwatch" each month, so we're just helping more people find the site.

Many thanks.

News (11/09/07):

Just in case anyone wanted to see some of the terms people use to find online stopwatch:

  • Clock Stopwatch
  • Free Stopwatch
  • Sportline Stopwatch
  • Stopwatch Download
  • Watch Stopwatch
  • 60 Minutes Stopwatch
  • Best Stopwatch <--- Yes!! :-)
  • Computer Stopwatch
  • Desktop Stopwatch
  • Flash Stopwatch
  • Free Stopwatch Software
  • Internet Stopwatch
  • On Line Stopwatch
  • Online Stopwatch Timer
  • + Over 100 other ways.

    I'm sure we'll win back our No.1 Spot on Goole eventually. ;-)
    News (8/09/07):

    For some strange reason, online-stopwatch has dropped to No.2 on Google for "Stopwatch" now, it's very strange, but never mind -- our visitors are still going up. (We nearly had 5000 unique's yesterday, but until we hit the big 5k we wont celebrate) :-)

    News (28/08/07):

    Hello again from Online stopwatch! Although nothing has changed on the site for the passed month, we have not forgotten about the features our visitors want. We have a BIG list now, thanks to everyone who asked us to add something! Yesterday was a great milestone for Online Stopwatch… We managed to get 3291 Unique Visitors! Who would have thought so many people would need a stopwatch! That’s 4,791 clicks on the site. It’s great to look back to last year, and see the “Big News” was that 396 unique people visited. :-) It’s also great to see that, apart from ranking Number 1 for “Online Stopwatch” on Google, we now rank Number 2 for just “Stopwatch” Thanks to everyone who uses the site, and especially to everyone who has linked to us! Maybe one day we’ll be Number 1 on Google for “Stopwatch” ;-)

    Many thanks!

    News (15/08/07):

    Quick update: We think we've got back to everyone who emailed us now. Sorry for the delay, our email has been down for the past few weeks, but now its all working again :-) We've had some great emails, mainly just saying thanks for the stopwatch – we've also had lots of feature requests, but some of the best (funniest?) emails we've had to reply to are people asking for money, because we must be making loads with online-stopwatch.com. :-) Can we just say, that it's only recently that we've had any ads on the site – and now there is only one, and it earns just enough to actually pay for the sites hosting. No big money for running online-stopwatch. All we get out of it - is seeing how many people use the site. Maybe in the next "News" update, we'll post some graphs and info if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading :-)

    News (16/07/07):

    Online stopwatch Has been put on-hold at the moment :-( Don't worry, we are not taking the site down, it just means the new features that we have made will not be on the site for another month. We also put an advert to the front page today – it will not be on any other page. Hopefully this will not effect the way you use online stopwatch. You can still use the full screen version in classrooms and meetings. If you really don't like the ad, let us know! Anyway, next update WILL be the release of the new features everyone has been requesting. All the best, Online stopwatch

    News (11/06/07):

    Online stopwatch are still having problems with our email, we are still sorry that they have not been replied to. :-(
    The stopwatch and our server is still working great :-)

    We'll try and email everyone ASAP.


    News (19/05/07):

    Online stopwatch would just like to say a big "SORRY" to everyone who has emailed us in the last 19 days -- we have had so many emails. We have read them all, but have had little time to reply. Everyone WILL get a reply, but not for another week :-(

    Work is still being carried out to offer everyone the new stopwatch and countdown features they want (many of the emails we have received have been feature requests), it's just taking longer then we thought it would.

    The site is still getting more visitors each day, with an average of 1400 unique visitors a day now.

    A new update to this blog, and all emails will be replied to over the next few weeks, and the new stopwatch / countdown software features will also become available.

    Thanks to everyone for their support – for the emails, the backlinks, and for using the stopwatch.


    All the best ;-)

    News (01/05/07):

    A new month -- a new goal for online stopwatch :-)

    Just today, online-stopwatch.com has been given a Google PageRank(PR) of 4. What does it mean? Nothing. What will it do? Nothing. Google themselves have said that people should not worry about what PR a site has. However it is a BIG deal in the "webmaster" community, with everyone trying to get as high as they can.

    I see this as a great achievement for such a small site, and it's all thanks to you guys for using the site, and putting links to us on your forums/webpages/blogs.

    Thanks again for all your support.

    I'll be sure you to let you know as soon as we get a PR 5 :-)

    All the best ;-)

    News (24/04/07):

    Today has been a great day for online-stopwatch!

    An amazing 1680 (unique) people have visited the site today! That’s over 400 people more then most days. Great!

    It’s like there has been a craze for finding online stopwatch today :-)

    The stopwatch is going to be updated soon. It will look the same, but it will have a few more features. What new features does a stopwatch need I hear you cry! Well, we get sooo many emails with new ideas, it’s fantastic! It will be updated over the next few weeks, if anyone has any other ideas they would like to see added, please email us.

    Regards. ;-)

    News (23/03/07):

    We have just received our highest number of visitors to date! 1,313 unique people visited online-stopwatch.com yesterday! Wow! That is an amazing number of people who needed a stopwatch :-)

    Apart from the visitors we also received some nice emails. Thank you to everyone who has emailed us, we do reply to everyone, it could just take some time. Some of your ideas are great, and your stories why you needed the stopwatch are fantastic.

    We also noticed that our gadgets have been getting some mixed "comments" until yesterday; we didn't know people could leave comments on the Google gadget website, or the Microsoft live site. Some of the suggestions on those sites will be added ASAP – don't be afraid to email us and ask for requests, we are happy to help.

    Thanks to everyone giving us links and telling your friends, it's really helping people find a decent web based stopwatch.

    All the best.

    News (26/02/07):

    Yay!! Today online-stopwatch.com rates No.2 on google. This is great news :-)
    I'm sure we'll be No.1 soon enough. (We are No.1 on MSN, and No.8 on Yahoo)

    Thanks to everyone who uses this site.

    News (12/02/07):

    Everyone with Windows Vista can now get the “online stopwatch” Vista Stopwatch Sidebar Gadget!

    This new gadget is different to our sites usual design, it’s small, and black, and the navigation is altered. If you use Vista, it’s a great sidebar add on.

    Thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this version.

    News (04/02/07):

    Today we got added to the "Live.com" Gadgets site :-) Link: Live Stopwatch Gadget :-)

    This is great, so now we offer a gadget to the Google Homepage users, and Live.com Homepage users. (Google gave us a hat, a t-shirt, and a pen when we got accepted, microsoft gave us a nice thankyou email :-)

    News (01/02/07):

    Bit of a change today -- if you've visited online stopwatch before, you will notice that we have changed the links under the stopwatch. The reason? We think they look better :-) They roll over and pop-up. How cool is that? We think they make the site look a little cleaner too.

    We have also added an alarm sound on the countdown timer! Thanks for all the emails for the suggestion. If it’s not what you had in mind, please let us know, and we will change it.

    More good news? We have just had our highest number of visitors. 746 unique people visited online-stopwatch.com today. This is a massive jump! It could be down to that we now rank 3rd on Google for “Online Stopwatch

    Thanks to everyone who is using online-stopwatch.com – and if you like it, please tell your friends :-)

    News (21/12/06):

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to Everyone!

    We have had a lot of requests to add a "sound" to the stopwatch, so that is what we are working on right now. **(Thanks to everyone who took the time to email us, we really appreciate knowing you are using the stopwatch and have ideas for it)**

    There isnt much else to say really. We have moved from 10th place on google to 9th -- this is good news, always trying to reach that no.1 spot. Apart from that, we wish everyone health, wealth, and happiness in the new year!

    News (27/11/06):

    Wow! Either lots of kind people have given us a backlink in the last few days, or switching to CSS really has made a big difference, because today we rank 10th on google for "online stopwatch" -- that puts us on the first page. Thanks everyone!

    Search results for "Online Stopwatch"

    Google: 10th
    MSN: 1st (yay)
    Yahoo: 51

    Other sites that link to us: 445

    News (23/11/06):

    A big change happened to online stopwatch today, and hopefully nobody noticed. The site has been changed from using html tables, to using CSS. This should help the site in search engine results.
    (Just incase anyone wants to know, we currently rank 55th on google :-)

    News (07/11/06):

    The highest number of visitors yet! 396 people visited online-stopwatch.com today! (and 156 of them came back again within 15mins) Good news indeed!!!

    News (01/11/06):

    Google have now given online-stopwatch.com a "PageRank" of 3 -- which is good, because before the latest update, it was 0. The score is out of 10, so although we are still quite low, its a good start.

    News (08/10/06):

    www.online-stopwatch.com added a "Google Stopwatch Gadget" today, which basicly means that people can add the stopwatch/countdown timer from the site onto their own homepages, and blogs, and websites, and myspace, and...

    News (08/07/06):

    www.online-stopwatch.com is setup! yay! I needed to time a presentation for work, but didnt like the built in timer in PowerPoint, so thought i'd setup the site to help others. Is there any use for a website with one feature, that most people have built into their watches? we'll see...