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Online Stopwatch

You can email us about ANYTHING!

Just want to talk, that’s fine, we have lots of spare time here. :-)

What we would really like to hear though, is any comments, ideas, or thoughts about online-stopwatch.com. What would you like to see? What do you want adding? What do you want changing? Anything.

We’ve had so many good friendly emails in the past, but because we had no information on the site how your details would be used, we could not post the ideas or comments, so…. Before you email us, read this:

We will NEVER give your email address to ANYONE. NEVER.

We MIGHT post your comments on the website, but not your EMAIL or NAME.

Any ideas you send us COULD be used, but unfortunately, we cannot give you anything except a thanks. Sorry about this, if online-stopwatch.com ever earns enough money to make profit, we could maybe donate some money, but not at this time.

You DO NOT need to email us asking if you can use online-stopwatch.
Want to use Online-stopwatch (or any of the countdowns/gadgets/etc) on your website? That's fine.
What to use it on stage, on tv, in a video. Again, totally OK.
What to use Online-stopwatch commercially or for business, time your employees (nasty!), use it in power-point documents, in presentations. - Go for it.
Anything - Also Fine.

The only rules to using online stopwatch are:

1. You do not remove our backlink - the link at the top or bottom of each of our products should always be left intact.
2. If you are doing something cool with online-stopwatch -- please let us know! That includes if you are a famous/big company or person - it would be great to get an email from someone/a company we've heard of :-)

We hope this clears up how your email will be used. We’ve had so many cool comments, but haven’t been able to post them for the world to see. Now we can.

Thanks for supporting online stopwatch. ;-)