Holiday and Special Occasion Countdown Timers!

We’ve made some special timers for some special holidays and events!
Want to get your class in the Christmas spirit? We’ve got a countdown timer for you! :-)
As always – all our timers are FREE, available full screen – and to download :-)

Fun Christmas Timers:

Elf Race!

Just like our Racing/Running Timer - but christmas themed. Yay!

Snowman Race!

Watch the Snowmen Hop! Hop! Hop! in this fast race.

Growing Trees

Watch the little trees grow into bigger trees.

Days Until Christmas

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Spooky Halloween Timers:

Halloween Race!

Our Halloween Themed racing timer! Watch the creatures race. Yay!

Zombie Race!

Another Spooky Race Timer! This Zombie Race is sure to be a hit!

Days Until Halloween

Our Halloween Page features all of our Halloween Timers, and a Days Until Halloween Countdown

Eggcellent Easter Timers:

Easter Egg Race!

Little chicks in little Easter Eggs! Racing down the field :-)

Bunny Race!

Hopping Bunnies! This is a great Easter Bunny Timer!

Days Until Easter

Our Easter Page features all of our Easter Timers, and a Days Until Easter Countdown