Egg Timer! Online Egg Timer!

Looking for an Online Egg Timer?
Watch time fall by in grains of digital sand. :-)
A Simple, Online Egg Timer Countdown.

Egg Timer Countdown

The egg timer is the 3rd most popular countdown timer on It was originally created as a request by a teacher – who wanted a more visual timer for use with her younger students.

Despite this egg timer being very basic (as requested!), new features have been asked for – that will soon be made into new online egg timers.

One great feature – which we are really looking forward to releasing, is the ability to spin the egg timer over – making the clock restart with the time that has past, becoming the time that is remaining! Just like a real egg timer. We are told this would make it great for games and quizzes, but are sure others will find uses for it too.

A common request is a standard 3 minute egg timer. This will not be a new online egg timer – but we do have a way of making this easier for people who want set times. This info will be released soon.