User Data Terms

User Data Terms:

You MUST agree to these terms to upload data to our sites – Uploading data is acceptance of the following...

In these terms, the word "tools" refers to our timers/countdowns/name pickers/apps/resources/etc

We take the data our users upload to our sites very seriously. We never share your information, or your data – it is stored on our own dedicated server, with the highest level of security we can achieve, using encryption, SSL certificates, and the advanced firewall and security features offered by CloudFlare.

Types of Data:

You must insure that the data that you upload is non-sensitive and would be meaningless if it was to become public for any reason.

Data should NOT be relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Do not upload information such as telephone numbers, addresses, full names, or any other sensitive information.

Consider any data you upload as non-removable public information and accessible to everyone. If you do not agree with this, please do not upload data to our site. While it is possible to remove data from certain tools, others do not have the ability. Please consider this, and consider the information you are uploading.

If one of our tools does not have the option to delete your data, or you lose your Delete Code the data is automatically removed from our server after 12 months of inactivity. After this time - it is not possible to recover the lost data.

Premium members: Your data will only be removed once your account expires, and an additional 12 months of inactivity. You have up to this time to renew your account to stop your data being deleted.

Your Data – Your Responsibility:

The data you upload; used to create random name pickers, list generators, countdown timers, and any other feature we offer – is not indexed or shared by us. Your content is only available to the people you share it with. Think carefully when sharing your data. Make sure it is only being shared with the people you want. To do this – consider where you are sharing your data. Privately – via individual emails, or more publicly on Facebook.

Be aware, because of the way the internet works – if you make your data public (sharing your links on websites), it could be indexed by search engines and become available by the general public.

Our Responsibility:

We take no responsibility for any losses or problems – You use our site, services, tools at your own risk. (This includes but is not limited to: loss of profits, inaccuracies, work stoppage, errors, access, loss of data, personal injury or property damage.) Your data is your responsibility – and if you follow the above advice ("Types of Data") even if your data does become available, it should cause no harm or problems.

By following these terms, data uploaded to our sites should be considered Non-personal information and as such is not covered by the GDPR.


We may, at any time, change these Terms with or without notice. Any modification will be effective immediately. Your continued use of our site and services constitutes your acceptance of these new Terms.

Deleting User Data
Premium Users
Standard Users
Non-Premium Users have the ability to delete their data using a "Delete Code". When you create a list – you are provided with a "Delete Code" store this code in a secure location. If you ever want to delete that list – you will need that code to delete the list.

Unless a list is likely to cause harm or distress we are unable to help with deleting a list without a delete code.

Your data will automatically be deleted if it is not accessed within a 12 month period.

Deleting user data using a Delete Code:

1. When you have created your list – click "SAVE"
2. Look for your Delete Code - write it down/save it in a secure location. A new code is created for each list you make.

3. If you ever need to delete your list, access this page, and complete the following form...

Delete Code:
Confirm Delete: 
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