Need a stopwatch that stays on top of all other windows you have open?
Try the Online Stopwatch Viewer. It links to our site, in a cool window that stays on top.
A Stopwatch and Countdown that stays on top? Great.

Always Stay on top!
Like This? Let Us Know! :-) received a suggestion by a user (Thank you!), that they would like a way to keep the stopwatch above all windows, no matter what they were doing – word processing, surfing the net, etc.

So, we've made this... Now, you will need to download a little program (it's still free), and you will need to meet the requirements below to run it – but we think that lots of people out there will benefit from this great new tool.


  • A Windows PC.
  • A way to open Zip files (Unless you download the exe file, but most work places wont like that.)
  • An Internet connection. (Right now, it loads the stopwatch from the web each time you use it, in the future, we hope to make this into a stand-alone application.)
  • Flash Player - (If you've used the stopwatch before - you have this already)

Download Zip File Download exe File

Your firewall my report that this software is trying to access an internet location. It is! It's connecting to to load the stopwatch for you. Don't worry! :-)