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Using Our Timers

Our timers are FREE (Online and offline) - for private and commercial use! (Yay!)

Agree with our little disclaimer – and that's it! Thanks for using :-)

If you are giving away, linking to, or showing one of our timers to other people, or want to see our full terms...
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Credit Required

If you giving/linking/showing one of our timers to other people, for example:

  • Films, television and radio programmes.
  • YouTube, Vimeo, videos sites.
  • Your own website, blog, podcasts.
  • Games or apps (including Android, iPhone, Windows apps etc).
  • Exhibitions, conferences, books, magazines, museums etc.
  • School, college, university projects.

Don't worry! Everything's still free – all we ask is that you include a link back to

If you are using one of our timers – and you think we'd be interested – please let us know! You don't have to – but we do like to see cool things :-)

Under some circumstances – we may allow our timers to be used WITHOUT credit (gasp!) – but you'll have to email us to talk about that.

What's NOT allowed:

Please don't edit our timers!

  • Don't change or modify our code.
  • Don't edit one of our timers to remove our link

Please don't use our timers on similar sites!

  • Our timers are free for individual and commercial use – but should not be used on other timer/time/stopwatch/etc sites.

Please don't sell our timers!

  • It's OK to include one of our timers in a book, course, video, etc, that you are selling. (As long as you provide credit – as mentioned above).
  • BUT – you cannot sell our timers individually, or in a pack.

Here's an example:

  • OK – Including one of our timers in an exercise training course – That's fine. Just give us a credit link.
  • Not OK – Including our timers in a 1001 resources pack, or zipping all the timers and selling them as a download.

Thanks for using!