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Our Disclaimer

Our timers are as accurate as they come on the internet – But our disclaimer is very simple – you can't blame us for any problems, or accidents, or inaccuracies, or ANYTHING!

If you're happy with that – That's great! Keep using our free timers and stuff :-)
If you're not happy – we are sorry – but you can't use our timers. Boo! Sorry.

If you are happy with our discalimer – you're done! Thanks for using!

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How our timers work

Most of the timers on are made in "Flash", we also have some timers made in "Javascript" – they both work the same way.

Our stopwatches/countdowns check with your computer or phone or devices in-built clock (or in some cases – our servers clock) – multiple times a second – and then resyncs the timers display based on that. It's the most accurate way for an online timer to work!This is the same for all our clocks, countdowns, stopwatches, etc.

What this means is – if you start doing things on your computer – and it starts running a bit slow – your timer will still stay nice and accurate.

Even so – because of possible problems – like computers crashing, or accidently closing browser windows – we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies or mistakes.

Accuracy of Public Holidays / Dates/ Events:

Our "Dates" timers – like the days until public holiday timers – are all based on free information. We've tried VERY hard to make sure they are correct – but mistakes can happen – and we are sorry – but we can't take responsibility if a date is wrong. :-(

Thanks for using!