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When is Serpent Day? Need to know the Days Until Serpent Day?
Or need a Countdown to Serpent Day? We can help! :-)

The 1st February is Serpent Day, a day to face your fears.

When is Serpent Day:

Days Until Serpent Day:

The Serpent is viewed in many different ways by different cultures, peoples religious beliefs and of course by individuals opinions on these controversial reptiles. 

The Serpent is known by some for its wisdom, fertility benefits when used in medicine and its skin for the fashion industry mostly used for handbags and shoes/boots. 

How you celebrate Serpent Day is up to you, maybe you could research different species of snakes, look in to the history of how they have been and are still currently used in medicine by some cultures. Or maybe look in to how skins can be manipulated and prepared for the fashion industry. 

If you like you can also spend 5 minutes of serpent day reflecting on your own life, focusing on a few things you may be proud of.