Race Timers:

The race timers allow you to set a time – and during that time, a group of characters will race until the timer ends. The race always last the length of the timer set. At the point where the timer reaches 00:00:00 – the race will end, and a winner will be revealed. The races are completely random – so you never know which character will win.

Boat Race:

This is our original boat race timer – it features 4 individuals in canoes racing down a river. We also have a speedboat race timer. The boats are differently coloured – and numbered – allowing for great classroom interactive activities. You could allow your class to predict which number, or which color boat will win the race. This is our great little canoe race timer! Watch the 4 individuals racing down the river. The race lasts as long as the time you set. Once the timer reaches zero - the race will be over - and there will be a winner of the race. Great for use in classrooms. Let the class choose who they think will win the race.
Minuterie de course de canoë - Jeu de course de canoë - minuterie de course - minuterie de course de bateau